Orientation of Buildings In Vasthuvidya

Written by kanippayuradmin Monday, 28 January 2019

3.2. Orientation

Vasthuvidya advocates construction of the buildings oriented to cardinal directions.

Fig.3: The Yonis

As per Vasthu, a house may be oriented in 8 directions –  4 cardinal directions and 4 corner directions. The cardinal directions are true North, East, South and West. And the corner directions are NE,SE,SW and NW. These directions are specified with reference to a focal point called Brahmasthanam and considers all these 8 houses are being built facing to Brahmasthanam. These positions are considered as the birth places of the houses and are denoted by the ‘Yoni number’(origin number)( Yoni Nos:1 – 8). Yoni is thus an indicator denoting the position of the house with respect to the Brahmasthanam. The Yoni number assigned to each house is shown in figure 3.

Earth has got a West to East rotation every day as well as yearly
rotation from North to South . For example , when we travel in a vehicle sitting just reverse to the moving direction of the vehicle, one would start to feel uncomfortable and journey may not be enjoyable. As if the Earth  is compared to a vehicle and it’s inhabitants as passengers, houses has to be necessarily aligned to the rotational directions for best results . So, proper North -South and East -West alignment is advisable to gain the maximum benefits and to live harmony with movement laws of Earth.