Kanippayyur Sankaran Namboodiripad Memorial Research Library (Grandha Shala)

The collection in the Kanippayyur library, founded in 1990 as a tribute to the great Sankaran Namboodiripad, mainly envisages the following - To Collect and preserve all works, whether on palm leaves or printed, on vedas, their subsidiaries, mythology, etc. which form the basis of the Indian tradition - To collect and preserve ancient palm leave publications on astrology, sculpturing etc - To translate, print and publish the above works in Malayalam - To publish a directory of all ancient Sastras, Vedas etc listed in the order of hierarchy - To popularize Sanskrit language - To teach Sanskrit to the younger generation through vacation classes etc. - To conduct debates, seminars and presentations by veterans on subjects like Sanskrit literature, Indian culture and tradition etc. - To publish books useful to Brahmins on subjects like Vedic studies, rites, rituals etc. which are inevitable in the day-to-day affairs of Brahmins.

In 2001, in the vent of the 110th anniversary of sankaran namboodiripad, the Kanippayyur Book stall and library started functioning with more than a thousand books on vedas, epics, mythology, architecture and Ayurveda by around thirty renowned publishers. This library also had almost thirty Sanskrit language aids.

Kanippayyur Library with almost a thousand books and scriptures on paper and palm leaves in Sanskrit and Malayalam, which were donated by many namboodiri families in Kerala and from the personal collections of Sree Sankaran Namboodiripad as a tribute to him. The important objective behind this venture is to publicize the ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom. The library, which is set to the research of Indian sciences, contains many valuable records from the above-mentioned categories. Many research students use them for learning and reference.

A large part of the books were contributed by :

  • Akavoor Mana
  • Killimangalam Mana
  • Desha Mangalam Mana
  • Moothiringottu Mana
  • Kurur Mana
  • Kotanattu Mana
  • Variyka Manjeri Mana
  • Kaplingattu Mana
  • Perumbilli Mana
  • Ramayyar Nenmara
  • Kunnamparambu Mana
  • V.R.Thirumalpad
  • Venmarathur Mana
  • Puthuva Mana
  • Yerkara Mana

A large collection of manuscripts were contributed by :

  • Poomulli Mana
  • Melpazhur Mana
  • Muriyamangalath Mana
  • Puthumana Mana
  • Perumbilli Mana
  • Kuruvattavanavu Mana
  • Okki Mana
  • Pulamanthol Mooss