The Origin of Vasthuvidya

Written by kanippayuradmin Monday, 28 January 2019


During the Vedic period, the knowledge which has been accrued with ages of human kind was expressed as divine sasthras ,which ultimately became the treasure of India. According to Maha Bhagavath, Vedas were originated  from Brahma-the creator, who has got four faces overlooking the cardinal directions.  Beginning from Eastern face which originates RkVeda, each Veda has got it’s face of origin. Yajus emerged from Southern face ,Sama emerged from Western face and Atharva emerged from Southern face.  Bhagavath continues to say that four Vedopangas (subsidiary) were also emerged from Brahma’s face. Ayurved emerged from the Eastern face, Sthuthi, Dhanurved emerged from the Southern Karma, Gandharvaved from the western face as BODHA and Sthapathyaved from Northern face-Samrakshan. As Ayurveda (knowledge of life) for Rigveda, Sthapatyaveda is the subsidiary of Atharvaveda. As its’ name suggests, it is the knowledge of STHAPATHI(Architect). In common parlance, It is also called Vasthuvidya, the knowledge of Vasthu. “Good future comes from good deeds, good deeds comes from good thinking, good thinking comes from good environment and good environment means environment in tune with nature” – that’s what vasthu envisages to provide.”

Let’s find out how all the above Vedopangas are inter- linked.

Fig.1: Subdivision of vedas